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Help us find the Ultimate Burger!

The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society is on a mission to find the ultimate burger!

In March 2014 a group of friends had a list of ten burgers to try throughout Sydney, and they set up Facebook group as a way to share photos and reviews on what mouthwatering burgers they have tried. The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society (FBAS) was born. The aim was to find the ultimate burger in Sydney.

Their friends became curious and joined the group, and they invited their friends, membership, popularity and waistlines began to grow at a rapid rate which was a surprise to the founders. The group now attracts reviews from all over the globe. Burger shops started advertising on the page, so the administrators of the group encouraged the businesses to "advertise a deal" for the members in lieu of the airtime.

The group now has over 98000 members and boasts a monthly home burger competition which invites home cooks to battle it out for fantastic prizes donated by some of the best burger shops in Australia, and elite status of burgerdom on the group.

Fatties is supported by a team of burger enthusiasts who range from administrators, web developers and marketers who give their time to ensure the search for the ultimate burger continues! Have you found it yet?


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